1 always face new challenges is our company's basic spirit and work attitude in the face of each new case, we first assess the international existing project bottleneck and the personalized features of the project. To find the key link that can make the global transition, and put forward the breakthrough ideas and methods to improve the overall quality of the project.
2. Shenxianshicu mentoring company spirit face to every project is to company's core layer technology backbone in person at the front line presided over the design and technology research. In the work of the middle and primary technical personnel to carry on the biography, to help, with the type of guidance, with the best technical experience and thought of service to our owners, and the pragmatic style of the whole work process. Share the pain and suffering, share the success and fame.
3. Research and practice of the combination of the spirit in the face of each new case, we use a lot of mature technology and experience at the same time, in the case of personalized and specific characteristics of the bold and innovative ideas and practices. And the opposite argument (shadow scheme) in the direction opposite to the dominant design. Finally, comprehensive, ensure that the final verdict is the most comprehensive and optimization scheme.
4 Thanksgiving, the return, the contribution of the spirit of our sincere thanks to the owners to give us every opportunity. With the greatest enthusiasm, the best ideas and innovation, the most dedicated attitude to do each case, the owner of the return of our expectations. Through the implementation of the project, we have the best vision of society and the ideal to the community. In the process of design, the social responsibility of the architect is always stressed.
5. Eight of the four modernizations ideology: eight of the four modernizations thought is we analyze the problem and solve problem, evaluate the core idea of the problem is our belief, is our high quality to complete the design of the guidance and guarantee.
O Science: with scientific attitude and value view face our challenges and scientific engineering and technical means to solve the problem.
O applicability: all design essentially boils down to the height of the applicability of and high applicability requirements has basic significance as the goal of the final design.
O context: the construction creation today is a continuation of thousands of years of human architectural history of civilization, it is necessary to fully express characteristics of the new era, also attaches great importance to the construction of civilization of kinship, thick planting architectural aesthetics and thousands of years of civilization of construction as a whole, the pursuit of constant and long, far, cross the shock of space-time.
The sign: each design case should have its own adaptation characteristic.
O geographical: any construction project is in the specific location and environment grow out of the organism, it is the life of the buildings, its composition, its space and fur with strong regional characteristics. The building can not be transplanted, but can not copy the line, it is our inspiration for crystal crafts.
The economy: always use the most economical way to pursue the maximum social value.
O prospective: any type of construction design, should explore the development direction in the future in a certain extent, in order to as much as possible long for and reveal changes in the future.