At middle age in the middle age

(Summary description)Background of the topic: in Liang Shiqiu's essay of elegant houses, there is an essay named middle age, which is often used for reference because of its vivid description and reasonable views. At the end of the article, "the beauty of middle age lies in knowing life and oneself, so as to do what you can and enjoy the life you can enjoy.".

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Topic background


There is a random thought in Liang Shiqiu's "Yasher Essays", called "Middle Age", because of his vivid portrayal, his point of view is reasonable, and he is often cited for reference. The article ends in this way, "The fun of middle age lies in knowing life fairly, knowing yourself, doing what you can do, and enjoying the life you can enjoy. Keban Tong Ling should be good at singing a full-scale Wushu Only the middle-aged actor can afford the outstanding axe drama, only because he can really understand the content of the drama until middle age. "




In this issue, we invite Hong Kong designer Mr. Fang Jun to discuss the development status of middle-aged designers and talk about the deep understanding and understanding of design, career and life.


Standing in the thirties


Modern Decoration Magazine: Could you please tell us about your basic situation?


Fang Jun: I'm just past the middle age. But because of working with a group of passionate and creative 80s and 90s, I still feel very young and very happy. I am the founder of Hong Kong Fang Wong Architects and I am currently the director and executive director of the company.


Modern Decoration Magazine: Some netizens said that "the happiness of a person's life presents a U-shaped curve, and the satisfaction with life is the lowest in middle age." I wonder if you agree with this view?


Fang Jun: As people reach middle age, their shoulder responsibilities will increase accordingly, and the pressure will naturally increase with it. With the emergence of bad emotions, this is normal and can be completely overcome.




Modern Decoration Magazine: Some people say that "a sword is sharpened in ten years." A person from 30 to 40 years old may have new transformations and gains. Mr. Liang Shiqiu's "Middle Age" also mentioned a western saying, "People's life begins at the age of 40." Then, after the age of 40, have you reached a completely different level and situation than before? How is this change manifested?


方峻:當然,我很贊同梁先生的這句話。對于一個設計師而言,中年是最飽滿和最豐富的時期。經曆可以發酵成美好的創意,而創意往往很容易通過累積的經驗變得落地。因此,在做事業上,這是一個最好的時期。比如,設計可以成爲藝術的升華,而管理亦可成爲設計的升華,中年完全可以既是一個優秀的設計師,同時還是一個成功的管理者。我堅持用心去做每一個作品,希望能擁有和保持藝術家的思維和創造力;我也用心帶領我的團隊,使團隊能有序穩健運作。我認爲“藝術+商人= 可持續發展的藝術”。










現代裝飾雜志社:是的,人生有起有伏,直面相迎未嘗不是一種重整旗鼓的辦法。有人曾對不同年齡層的室內設計師進行過這樣的定義:“年輕設計師是在追求時尚,中年設計師是在享受時尚,而更爲年長的設計師是在引領時尚。” 現在的您在設計的過程中,追求的是什麽,享受的是什麽?就您看來,中年設計師群體的社會責任在哪裏,應該怎麽做設計,才有助于行業的長足發展?


Fang Jun: That's right, I often share a sentence with my colleagues, "Share design and enjoy design." Design is not a person's intoxication, it is more a design that adapts to society and the market and the public. In addition to self-enjoyment, truly outstanding designers should be based on a higher positioning and be able to lead fashion on the basis of adapting to the market. I have a very important point about design. To be sustainable, design must be humane, and health is a very important factor in people's settlement. My design takes into account this factor to a great extent from color to light and material selection. For example, in my "Color Design Rules for Living Space", I have put forward some opinions on color and human character and health, and related research is still in progress. I feel that as a designer, I have such a social responsibility to spread and apply the concept of health within my own control.