Fang Jun: crossing the East and the West in the world of design (1)

(Summary description)Fang Jun, the leader of international creative cooperation, is concerned about the private restaurant hidden in the water town of Jiangnan and every unique window on the Champs Elysees. He is concerned about whether he can bring more cultural works to the world and whether foreign designers can enter China. He has a dream: start to build a platform to let the international creative design fall "To" China! The creative design from all over the world, through a special line track, reaches China and achieves the art of the terminal.

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    Fang Jun, the innovator of the international creative cooperation development of "Design has an appointment", cares about the private restaurant in the water village of Jiangnan, as well as every unique window on the Champs Elysees. He cares whether he can bring more culturally meaningful works to the world, and whether foreign designers can enter China. He has a dream: set out to build a platform for international creative design to "land" China! The creative design from all over the world will arrive in China through a special line track and achieve the art of the terminal.




  Designed for cooking


  As a designer, Fang Jun likes to cook his own "two flavors" in his spare time. He believes that "design is like cooking small fresh" because cooking and design are interlinked, both in cooking dishes and design decoration. Choosing materials (materials) and collocations, creating masterpieces through various mashups, methods, and techniques. Therefore, he believes that his creativity is very plastic and can change different effects for each different project, and is not limited to which type of design. Fang Jun humorously described the domestic real estate projects as "little fried emperors"-most of them are fast and pay attention to high efficiency, but also sensitive to the capture and performance of fashion, and like to integrate elements of classic fashion brands; and the design in Europe, America and Japan The project generally emphasizes sustainability and has strict requirements for design details, such as "Old Fire Soup". He admits that "in fact, if I really want to choose 'Xiao Chao Huang' or 'Lao Huo Liang Tang', I like them, because different projects allow me to enjoy different design pleasures derived from them." This inclusive, casual design always comes from Fang Jun's same mind and character. In the interpretation of "Little Fried Emperor" and "Lao Huo Liang Tang", Fang Jun began to brew his "gorgeous turn" from the designer to the service of the designer.




   Let international creativity "land" China


  The construction of an international Internet creative platform originates from Mr. Fang Jun's multiple trips around the world each year. Because of design exchanges, he met a lot of excellent colleagues, and found that most of them thought of China, a market with a wide range of design destinations, to show their talents, but unfortunately they were hindered by obstacles such as language communication and cultural ideas. Fang Jun was greatly touched, "Design has no borders, and Chinese and Western culture and art are unique." Therefore, Fang Jun hopes to use design as a bridge to allow full communication and integration of Chinese and Western cultures, allow good stories to be staged, and let creativity "land". Fang Junxian's platform is just like an Android system, and all kinds of apps can be used in it. It's also like Uber, which provides a direct and private channel for international designers; this platform is still a good one Butler will help designers plan costs and avoid waste and risks.