Design contract by Kang Ding, Hong Kong fanghuang Architects

(Summary description)With the attention of multi-media and many design colleagues, the new work "design contract" by Mr. Fang Jun, founder of Hong Kong fanghuang architects and famous designer, recently held a grand new book release ceremony in Guangdong.

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Under the attention of many media and many design colleagues, Hong Kong's founder and well-known designer Mr. Fang Jun, the well-known designer of the space design new work "Design has an appointment" recently held a grand new book release ceremony in Guangdong.




On the afternoon of December 20th, Qingyun College in Guangzhou looked very vibrant and lively. More than a hundred people from design leaders from well-known real estate companies at home and abroad, representatives of business elites, American interior design magazines, Sina Real Estate (Weibo), Netease Home and more than 20 well-known industry media and Mr. Fang Jun's book Therefore, exchange and sharing, and witnessed the official release of the book "Design has an appointment."


"Design has an appointment" published by Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press. It brings together the best of space design by Mr. Fang Jun and his Hong Kong Fanghuang team in recent years. The design projects selected in this book are highly respected by well-known real estate agencies at home and abroad, and have won It has few awards and honors, and has a high collection and reference value.




The book "Design has an appointment" shows us that Mr. Fang Jun is extremely good at drawing inspiration from nature and life during the design process. He believes that design inspiration can come from any good thing in life, such as a flower, a fruit, a famous painting, a fashion or a luxury. In Mr. Fang Jun's design project, each space seems to tell a vivid story. At the same time, he most advocates the concept of sustainable development and believes that the natural color mix is ​​the most harmonious and ingenious. Therefore, applying the color mix rule to the space design can give the space a vitality. Therefore, in this book, the reader can always see a touch of thematic colors: lotus white, mulberry purple, camellia red, hazelnut yellow, rice gold ... These colors, freely shuttle in the space, rendering the space To be elegant or playful, or solemn, or unrestrained, or introverted ... people can't wait to find the story behind space from color.




At the press conference, the editor-in-chief Jiang Xinqi of Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press highly praised Mr. Fang Jun for his outstanding achievements in design theory research and design project practice, and stated that Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press upholds "beyond traditional publishing and influencing future culture" We look forward to cooperating with more outstanding design companies like Hong Kong Fanghuang Architecture to lead the space design trend in China and the world.


Based on the perspective of the overall planning of the book, Ms. Wei Weiying, the director of the development of Fang Huang in Hong Kong, reviewed some of the book's development process. She finally said: "This book is beautiful and heavy. The extraordinary quality of this book is not a one-off, but a process of repeated thinking and selection. . And design projects are just like publishing books. Behind high quality must be something beyond ordinary. "




At the launch of the new book, Mr. Fang Jun also shared his color theory system with you. The unique views on space design made the guests nodded and applauded from time to time and thought down; the wise answers to the questions raised by the media gave continuous applause and a warm atmosphere. After the successful launch of the new book conference, everyone was still unwilling to scramble for the autographed books of Mr. Fang Jun, and took photos with Mr. Fang Jun.