Mr. Fang Jun Is The First Commercial Space Of Bistic Cooperation Or Diversified Development Trend Of Commercial Space Designaoneng: Cross-Border Art

(Summary description)On the afternoon of January 16, Mr. Fang Jun, the founder of Hong Kong Fanghuang (Design) Group, was invited to participate in the "Space · Art · Life" series salons hosted by Baoneng · First Space and served as the guest speaker of the fourth session to share His unique insight into the future development trend of commercial space design. Mr. Fang Jun said that aesthetics and trends will continue to change with the changes of the times, and there are current popular products in each era. However, the full-sensory experience of human beings in pursuit of beauty and comfort has never changed! Under this focus of appeal, the core of commercial space design is also quietly changing. For example, the crowded K11 Art Shopping Center has shifted the focus of design from hard installation to art furnishings. Mr. Fang Jun said that the future development trend of commercial space design will inevitably become more and more light and hard, and it will be more beautiful. It needs to take care of customers' full sensory interactive experience. He believes that in the future and in the future, cross-border art cooperation will become the core of competition in commercial space. Through high-end fashion art furnishings, and cross-border art exhibitions with humanistic elegance and communication value, it will attract crowds and explode commercial value. At the same time, because most of the guests on the site were merchants stationed in Baoneng · First Space, Mr. Fang Jun thoughtfully proposed the design rules of "safflower and green leaves" for the design requirements of small commercial spaces. He believed that the design of brand commercial space The protagonist of the product is the product. All artistic beauty Chen should not be anti-customers, but should be used to set off the green leaves of the product. "Small budgets can also make pure artistic effects. In addition to creative design concepts, they also need to have a strong ability to integrate artistic resources." Mr. Fang Jun took a sales work of the "Butterfly Valley" as an example. Integrating social art resources, the butterflies on the ceiling were all hand-painted by the art students in the school, and the boneless technique of "seeing the light but not the light" lighting design caused a heated topic discussion and media dissemination at the time. In the budget, not only created artistic value, but also realized high commercial value! Good design ideas need a standardized and rigorous design management system to be implemented and sublimated! Mr. Fang Jun also shared the Hong Kong Fanghuang ISO Design Group management system standard at the scene, and guided business owners on how to make design ideas more efficient, and won applause from the guests! Mr. Fang Jun met with Yang Haibin (middle), general manager of Baoneng · First Space, and Mr. Philip Ye (right), consultant of Malaysian Furniture Design Center. Mr. Fang Jun, who has been in the industry for nearly 30 years, combined his rich experience with International vision, published a total of 15 design works and project management system monographs, created a number of industry "first" professional standard system, he gave valuable research monographs to Baoneng · First Space, Baoneng · The general manager of First Space personally accepted the gift from Teacher Fang and expressed his gratitude. About Baoneng · First Space: Baoneng · First Space is the first brand-new business practice that brings the geographical advantages of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen innovation potential, leveraging the strength of Baoneng Group. Baoneng · First Space is a collection of the world's first-class home furnishing brands, with an ultra-large volume of 800,000 square meters. It is based on the comprehensive living museum format, and uses the concept of "high quality and excellent life" to embed the beauty of art and culture in every place. A detail, dedicated to exploring the empowerment system of contemporary Chinese people in the family to establish emotions, shelter the mind, and think about meaning.

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On the afternoon of January 16, Mr. Fang Jun, the founder of Hong Kong Fanghuang (Design) Group, was invited to participate in the "Space · Art · Life" series salons hosted by Baoneng · First Space. His unique insight into the future development trend of commercial space design.






Mr. Fang Jun said that aesthetics and trends will continue to change with the changes of the times, and there are current popular products in each era. However, the full-sensory experience of human beings in pursuit of beauty and comfort has never changed! Under this focus of appeal, the core of commercial space design is also quietly changing. For example, the crowded K11 Art Shopping Center has shifted the focus of design from hard installation to art furnishings.



Mr. Fang Jun said that the future development trend of commercial space design will inevitably become more and more light and hard, and it will be more beautiful. It will need to take care of customers' full sensory interactive experience. He believes that in the future and in the future, cross-border art cooperation will become the core of competition in commercial space. Through high-end fashion art furnishings, and cross-border art exhibitions with humanistic elegance and communication value, it will attract crowds and explode commercial value.






At the same time, because most of the guests on the site were merchants stationed in Baoneng · First Space, Mr. Fang Jun thoughtfully proposed the design rules of "safflower and green leaves" for the design requirements of small commercial spaces. The protagonist of the product is the product. All artistic beauty Chen should not be anti-customers, but should be used to set off the green leaves of the product.




"Small budgets can also make pure artistic effects. In addition to creative design concepts, they also need to have a strong ability to integrate artistic resources." Mr. Fang Jun took a sales work of the "Butterfly Valley" as an example. Integrating social art resources, the butterflies on the ceiling were all hand-painted by the art students in the school, and the boneless technique of "seeing the light but not the light" lighting design caused a heated discussion and media dissemination at the time. In the budget, not only created artistic value, but also realized high commercial value!




Good design creativity requires a standardized and rigorous design management system to be implemented and sublimated! Mr. Fang Jun also shared the Hong Kong Fanghuang ISO Design Group management system standard at the scene, and guided business owners on how to make design ideas more efficient, and won applause from the guests!



Mr. Fang Jun, Yang Haibin (middle), general manager of Baoneng · First Space, and Mr. Philip Yeh, consultant of Malaysian Furniture Design Center

(Right) It's a pleasure to talk



Mr. Fang Jun, who has been in the industry for nearly 30 years, combined with his rich experience and international perspective, published a total of 15 volumes of design works and project management system monographs, creating a number of industry "first" professional standards system, he will valuable The research monograph was presented to Baoneng · First Space. The general manager of Baoneng · First Space personally accepted the gift from Teacher Fang and expressed his gratitude.



About Baoneng · First Space:




Baoneng · First Space is the first brand-new business practice that brings the geographical advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen's innovation potential to the strength of Baoneng Group.



Baoneng · First Space is a collection of the world's first-class home furnishing brands, with an ultra-large volume of 800,000 square meters. It is based on the comprehensive living museum format, and uses the concept of "high quality and excellent life" to implant the beauty of art and culture A detail, dedicated to exploring the empowerment system of contemporary Chinese people in the family to establish emotions, shelter the mind, and think about meaning.