Fang Jun's Modern (Healthy) Luxury Home Design System Was Successfully Released In Macao |

(Summary description)Mr. Fang Jun, the founder of Hong Kong Fanghuang (Design) Group, devoted himself to studying the space design standards of modern luxury homes for ten years, with the goal of customizing "a healthy and private life every day" as his design goal, and is committed to creating classic mansions! He integrated the extreme human service standards of the international housekeeper into the world's first set of manuals for the design of luxury residential space— "International Standard Booklet for High-end Customized Private House Hardcover Design Standards", which was held yesterday at the Macau Starlight Bookstore (Polytechnic) Sharing exchange meeting. Obtained the attention and reports of local mainstream media such as Macau Daily, Macau Lotus TV, Overseas Chinese News, etc. This press conference was eagerly received by the local Macao media.

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Mr. Fang Jun, the founder of Hong Kong Fanghuang (Design) Group, devoted himself to studying the space design standards of modern luxury homes for ten years, with the goal of customizing "a healthy and private life every day" as his design goal, and is committed to creating classic mansions! He integrated the extreme human service standards of the international housekeeper into the world's first set of manuals for the design of luxury residential space— "International Standard Booklet for High-end Customized Private House Hardcover Design Standards", which was held yesterday at the Macau Starlight Bookstore (Polytechnic) Sharing exchange meeting.
Received the attention and reports of local mainstream media such as Macau Daily, Macau Lotus TV and Overseas Chinese News
This press conference has received the enthusiastic attention of the local media in Macau. Local mainstream media such as the Macau Lotus TV, Macau Daily, and Overseas Chinese News have rushed to the conference site and gave a high evaluation of the standard system for designing healthy luxury homes.
Excerpts from media coverage:
Related reports published by Macau Daily
Overseas Chinese News
A cross-border exchange event with the Macau Interior Designers Association, architectural space, graphic design, and fashion design
The scene gathered the Macau Interior Designers Association, as well as Hong Kong and Macau cross-border design cafes such as architecture, graphic and fashion to participate. The interaction and communication at the meeting were extremely enthusiastic, and it was a grand event of design and fashion exchange! Mr. Zheng Zhijin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSI Group, Mr. Lin Guangye, Chairman of Macau Interior Designers Association, Mr. Tan Zhiqiang, Chairman of Overseas Youth Friendship Association of Huadu District, Guangzhou, Macau, and Miss Duan Yuanyuan from Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press attended the press conference.
Signed strategic agreement with Macau CSI Group
Prelude to international cooperation platform
At the press conference, Hong Kong Fanghuang and Macau CSI Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote the realization of modern and healthy luxury homes, which also marked the development of Hong Kong Fanghuang international creative cooperation platform has taken a big step!
About Modern Healthy Luxury Home Design Brochure
Mansion Design System Tempered by International Butler Standards
The International Handbook of High-end Customized Hardcover Design Standards is the first set of luxury house design systems that have been tempered with international butler standards. It contains the top luxury industry standards in Hong Kong. Since the "Group", the practical experience of designing its super luxury homes for social elites such as the chairman of the listed company group or acting stars, with the aim of promoting the luxury home design standards of "private luxury, well-being, and sustainability" and providing research for the development of related industries With reference.
Mr. Fang Jun said at the scene that when he was researching the solution with the client, in addition to the luxury and privacy of the space design, he also paid more attention to the health and enjoyment of the space lifestyle, and the focus of the final solution must be construction investment and sustainable management. . At this time, the operation and maintenance standards and early participation of the steward and his team became a very important part. The "Private House Standards Manual" starts with the international housekeeper's standards research. It not only integrates Mr. Fang Jun's management standards of the former Queen's Housekeeper Anthony, but also integrates his experience in serving government and business in Las Vegas. Mr. Fang Jun's global design study tour has also integrated the international humanistic concept for the "Private Standard Manual".
Designing space standards for everyday luxury living
The “Private House Standard Manual”, which is based on private luxury, leisure, and renewability, is constructed according to a matrix of “5 categories of space” × “4 major technical standards”, from yacht docks, helipads ... to gardens and swimming pools ...
To wine cellars, art collections ... to the butler's administrative office.
From concealed hydropower pipelines ... to decorative surface materials ... to soft furnishings ... to ergonomics for all ages.
The details extend to the design of life soft water and direct drinking water system; classified design of bathroom and kitchen air conditioning ... light design of study and bedroom; silent design of games and audiovisual space. Everything is assured, such as the standard of constant temperature water discharge for 3 seconds, the regular maintenance of elevators, security, backup power generation, and extreme care for children, the elderly.
"Designing Space Standards for Sustainable Recreational Living", the "Private Standard Manual" fully reflects this spirit, and the "sustainability" thoughts in it are also used in the manual itself. Mr. Fang Jun hopes that he can get more valuable opinions from his peers in the future practice, so that China's luxury house design standards "advance with the times"!