Sina special interview express: Hong Kong square Huang new year's new leap | design group ISO management standard system certification!

(Summary description)Hong Kong fanghuang (Design) group, which has been deeply involved in space design for more than 20 years, is carrying on the original intention of "let everything beautiful finally come true". It not only focuses on creating the design style of Yiyou Jingya, but also devotes itself to the inherent character of the implementation of project refined management. With the design concept of "aestheticism, professionalism and harmony", it has produced many outstanding works with high cost performance!

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The Hong Kong Fanghuang (Design) Group, which has been cultivating space for more than 20 years, holds the design intent of "making all good things come true in the end". It is not only focused on creating elegant design styles, but also devoted to the delicate design of the project. The implementation of the internal management of the implementation of the internal character, with the "beautiful, professional, harmonious" design concept, smelt many outstanding works with high cost performance!
▲ Fang Jun, Founder of Hong Kong Fanghuang (Design) Group
Fang Jun, the founder of Fanghuang Design in Hong Kong, has published four volumes of design management books on design enterprise management, design project management, etc. It is the first designer in China to systematically standardize design projects and refine management. Management made a milestone development and promotion. He has always insisted: standardized and refined management will not only make the design sublimate, but also promote the efficient realization of design projects!
▲ ISO9001 certification
Under his orderly progress, Hong Kong Fanghuang's design management system has been strictly inspected by authoritative departments and has obtained ISO9001 certification a few days ago! The author's four-volume management design system serves as an important basis for this evaluation and has been highly praised and recognized by the auditing agency.
▲ Hongkong Fang Huang's recent works-Chongqing Fengshu Villa
Obtained ISO9001 certification, marking that the enterprise management system has reached international standards
Hong Kong Fanghuang (Design) Group was founded by Mr. Fang Jun in Hong Kong in 1997. It specializes in providing multi-building residential, commercial space overall design and overall management of operating agencies. The business scope includes residential real estate, commercial real estate, wellness real estate, branded business Space, high-end private house design. With more than 20 years of development history, the group has set up molecular companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha, starting from Hong Kong. Designed 700+ outstanding projects for 350+ customers, covering 50+ cities across the country. He has won 40+ international space design awards such as the A'Design Award and IAI Design Award in Italy. Published 13+ design works and industry research monographs, of which "Installation Art Project Management System and Application" has been incorporated as a textbook for colleges and universities, and has contributed significantly to the development of the industry's refined management.
Hong Kong Fanghuang has always adhered to the concept of "more than design, win-win excellence", and established the core value of "beauty, professionalism and harmony". Aesthetics: The shared design of "spark plugs" explodes creative value; specialty: the core management system that has passed ISO: 9001-2015 certification; Harmony: the team culture of Lele is not as good as Zhonglele, and design is like playing music.