Fang Jun, founder of Fang Huang in Hong Kong, has been refining the design standard for international luxury houses (new book) for ten years

(Summary description)In the afternoon of November 22, a new book conference and public welfare signing and selling meeting was held in IFS store, Chengdu. It not only attracted dozens of mainstream media, but also attracted FCC students from Duan Yuanyuan and first class class in Huazhong publishing house Chairman Han

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Luxury home design is not just about space design, it is more about customizing a lifestyle of everyday life (continuable)! Mr. Fang Jun, the founder of Fang Huang (Design) of Hong Kong, has integrated and refined the ultimate humane service standards of international housekeepers into a world 's first set of luxury residential space design standard manuals with a more forward-looking and brand-new design concept and perspective. "International High-end Custom Private House Hardcover Design Standard Manual", and held a new book conference and charity signing conference in Chengdu Yanjiyou (IFS shop) on the afternoon of November 22.Not only did dozens of mainstream media attract the presence, guests from Huazhong Publishing House Duan Yuanyuan, first-class FCC living member Han, and other guests also attended the event.
Media gathering at the conference
Mansion Design System Tempered by International Butler Standards
The International Handbook of High-end Customized Hardcover Design Standards is the first set of luxury house design systems that have been tempered with international butler standards. It contains the top luxury industry standards in Hong Kong. It is also the author of the Hong Kong Fang Huang (Design) Since the "Group", the practical experience of designing its super luxury homes for social elites such as the chairman of the listed company group or acting stars, with the aim of promoting the luxury home design standards of "private luxury, well-being, and sustainability" and providing research for the development of related industries With reference.
Mr. Fang Jun shared his creative ideas at the press conference
Mr. Fang Jun said at the scene that when he was researching the solution with the client, in addition to the luxury and privacy of the space design, he also paid more attention to the health and enjoyment of the space lifestyle, and the focus of the final solution must be construction investment and sustainable management. . At this time, the operation and maintenance standards and early participation of the steward and his team became a very important part. The "Private House Standards Manual" starts with the international housekeeper's standards research. It not only integrates Mr. Fang Jun's management standards of the former Queen's Housekeeper Anthony, but also integrates his experience in serving government and business in Las Vegas. Mr. Fang Jun's global design study tour has also integrated the international humanistic concept for the "Private Standard Manual".
Designing space standards for everyday luxury living
The “Private House Standard Manual”, which is based on private luxury, recreation, and renewability, is constructed in a matrix of “5 categories of space” × “4 major technical standards”, from yacht docks, helipads ... to gardens and swimming pools ...
To wine cellars, art collections ... to the butler's administrative office.
From concealed hydropower pipelines ... to decorative surface materials ... to soft furnishings ... to ergonomics for all ages.
The details extend to the design of life soft water and direct drinking water system; classified design of bathroom and kitchen air-conditioning ... light design of study and bedroom; silent design of games and audio-visual space. Everything is assured, such as the standard of constant temperature water discharge for 3 seconds, the regular maintenance of elevators, security, backup power generation, and extreme care for children, the elderly.
Fang Jun took a group photo with the guests
"Designing Space Standards for Sustainable Recreational Living", the "Private Standard Manual" fully reflects this spirit, and the "sustainability" thoughts in it are also used in the manual itself. On the day of the press conference, Thanksgiving Day was full of warmth. Mr. Fang Jun thanked the Central China Publishing House and the editing team who participated in the "Private Standard Manual". He also hoped that he could get more valuable comments from peers in the future practice. Luxury house design standards "advance with the times"!
Mr. Fang Jun was interviewed by the media
Q: Can you talk to us about the most valuable new book?
This book presents a high-specification design system and provides a reference for the standardization of private residence design. It can be said that the professional nature of design is emphasized in the most rational way.
It is a set of space standards designed for sustainable leisure and luxury living, and it is the first system in the world to define standards for living spaces. It brings together the industry standards of luxury homes in Hong Kong, and brings together nearly 30 years of practical experience at home and abroad.
It can make the space have sustainable classic value and extend the joy of moving to a new home to every day of life! It uses the European, American and national standard global standards as the design data to quantify the private five-star system, which is better than the shape, so that the mansion truly reflects the quality of internal and external repair!
Q: Based on what considerations do you propose for the refined management of luxury home design?
I have seen many mansions, but the senses who are overly pursuing the style of space ignore the detailed feelings, and cannot find an exquisite life from the intensive, let alone the aging design, sustainable development and overall coordination of the space.
So I hope to integrate the European royal family, North American politics and business, Chinese contemporary lifestyle and the overall solution of space operation and maintenance, so that the beautiful life can be continued, and more and more luxury homes can match the sky-high price. Make the house truly a treasure that can be passed on from outside to inside!
Q: What new plans do you have for future development?
In recent years, I have also been studying the color and light health of space, and will meet you soon. I hope this research can provide more powerful technical guarantees for sustainable and healthy living in luxury homes. Please wait and see, thank you!