Dialogue with Hong Kong designer Fang Jun to share design and enjoy design

(Summary description)Today, I'm very lucky to interview Mr. Fang Jun, a model house designer in Bilin Bay of China Sea, to share some stories about him and his design, and to see how he makes a set of cold buildings have "temperature"!

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Today, I was particularly fortunate to be able to interview Mr. Fang Jun, the model house designer of Bilin Bay, Zhonghai, to share some stories about him and the design, and see how he gave a set of cold buildings a "temperature" !!


Minabe Real Estate Information: "Home Ownership" houses have been a necessity of life since ancient times. Even driven by high housing prices, they have not reduced the enthusiasm of buyers for the house. To be honest, home buyers are not chasing a cold building, but a "home" with a sense of security, warmth and comfort!


Then who can make the cold building into an ideal residence, that is the designer. Utilizing the technology and inspiration of decoration design to give a set of buildings a life, so that those who live in the later period will feel happy, happy and healthy ... Today, I am particularly fortunate to have an interview with the model house designer of Bihai Bay, Zhonghai——Fang Mr. Jun, share some stories about him and design, and see how he gives a set of cold buildings a "temperature"!


Mr. Fang Jun (TFong), a Hong Kong, China designer with architectural space and diversified boundaries. He has received bachelor / master / doctoral degrees in philosophy, architectural design, and design management at the American University of the United States, the Milan Institute of Technology in Italy, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the National Overseas Chinese University.He is also a professional member of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association and an international interior architect design. Member of the Alliance and member of the Interior Design Branch of the Chinese Architectural Society.


His work has not only won the gold medal in the first International Architectural Landscape Interior Design Contest, but also won a number of domestic and international interior design awards and honors; it has also been published several times by the United States "Interior Design" and various well-known professional magazines. The personal design albums that have been published and highly praised by the industry include "Enlightenment Design", "Design has an appointment Ⅰ", "Design has an appointment Ⅱ" ...


Hong Kong China designer Mr. Fang Jun (TFong)


Li Bin Real Estate: Hello Mr. Fang Jun, we noticed that you have the expression "share design and enjoy design", can you tell us the specific meaning of this sentence?


Mr. Fang Jun: Actually, as my understanding, as a good designer, we will first present some of our design concepts and thinking in the works, but the premise is based on the understanding, understanding, and responsibility of customers. I use a "share" attitude to convey my work and show the more unique and innovative part of my work; design is a joy to me, and I often enjoy the process of finding inspiration and creation. For customers, living in a set of homes that they are satisfied with is also a kind of enjoyment, enjoying the joy brought by my design.
















Mr. Fang Jun: In my knowledge, the interior decoration design of domestic third-tier cities has just begun. In recent years, as large real estate developers have gradually shifted from first- and second-tier cities to third-tier, professional interior design has begun to truly enter the third-tier. The city is not long. And now people have a stronger awareness of the pursuit of aesthetic taste, I believe that the market development space will be large. Nantong, as a city that is developing very fast in Jiangsu nowadays, has a bright future, especially for the large-scale development of urban construction. Of course, the interior design market in third-tier cities also needs a group of qualified professional designers to promote and lead.